Deltona Home Alarm Company Deters Burglars

Deltona, FL – J&J Security is proud to be the number one home security company in Deltona. Soon after exiting Interstate 4, local residents have become accustomed to seeing the big blue J&J Security sign in front of our building. Our sign is more than an advertisement- it’s a warning to burglars!

First Line of Deterrence

Did you know that J&J Security signs and decals are a very important part of your home alarm system? Our customers know that J&J Security offers the best protection in Central Florida. Burglars know it too!

That’s why we put our yard signs in front of your house and our window decals on your windows. When burglars see that your home and family are protected by us, they’re much more likely to pick one of the other houses on the street.

Just In Case They Miss the Sign on The Way In…

If a burglar is dumb enough to break into a home that is protected by J&J Security, they’ll quickly regret that decision. We install perimeter sensors to detect when a door or window is opened, glass break detectors in case they break the glass, motion detectors in case they sneak in like ninjas, and a really loud siren to scare them away!

Police Are on the Way

We’ll send the police out to make sure you’re okay and arrest the thugs! With 24/7 monitoring by our UL rated central station, you can be certain that we’ll keep an eye on your home even when you’re not there!

Put Our System to Work Today!

Thousands of local residents have chosen J&J Security to protect their homes and businesses. Give us a call at 877-532-SAFE (7233) to have a professionally installed and monitored home security or business security system installed today!