Car Break-ins: Easier to Avoid Than You Think


If you’re one of those people who actually use your garage for storing your vehicles, you’ve probably experienced the shock of others when they see your two car garage with two cars in it. For most people, the garage is essentially a storage unit. This means vehicles are left parked in the driveway or street side in front of homes. Depending on your habits, this can put you at risk for having your car broken into. Luckily it can be fairly simple to make your vehicle a less desirable target.

It’s important to note that most car break-ins are “smash and grab”. Meaning they smash your window, grab your valuables, and leave. This can take as little as 20-30 seconds and is usually opportunistic in that they’ll simple stroll through the neighborhood looking for the quickest most profitable target.

Store Your Goods

You should always avoid leaving anything in your car, not just things that you think are valuable. You’d be surprised to know that some thieves have no problem smashing your car window for the loose change sitting in your center console. It’s best to have your car as empty as possible, because thieves won’t spend time digging through your console and glove box since they have no guarantee that there’s anything valuable inside.

If you have a stereo with a detachable faceplate, consider putting it in your glove box when you leave the car. Since would-be thieves don’t know whether or not it’s in the glove box they likely won’t bother breaking into your car since a stereo is fairly useless without the faceplate.

Another commonly stolen item is something you may not have thought of; your spare tire. If you’ve ever bought tires, you understand how expensive they can get. These are a valuable target as they can be removed and rolled away fairly easily. If your spare tire is stored in your trunk, it’s not nearly as attractive a target as it’s visible on the back of your car. It seems silly, but you should chain your spare tire down, especially if it’s an expensive one.

If there’s anything that needs to be stored, your best bet is to either put items in your trunk, garage, or other places that are more difficult for thieves to access.

Where You Park Matters

If it isn’t possible for you to park inside your garage, you should park in front of it and keep your driveway well lit. If you park inside a carport or to the side of your house it’s a more attractive target due to the shadows and darkness that are inherent in these spaces.

If you’ve included security cameras in your home security system, these can be a deterrent to car and home thieves alike. If they know someone is watching, and that the area is lit well enough for them to be seen, your home and vehicle won’t be worth their time.

If you’re concerned about the safety of your home and vehicle, contact J&J Security to learn more about the home security options that are available to meet your unique needs.