Can a Home Security System Lower Your Insurance Premiums?


Today's homeowners are responsible for juggling a number of expenses, with one of those being a homeowner's insurance policy. In many cases, the premiums associated with a homeowner's insurance policy are rolled into the monthly mortgage bill. Therefore, if you're not writing a check for your homeowner's insurance premium, you may not realize how much this is actually costing you.

How Installing a Security System Can Save You Money

However, an effective way to lower the cost of your homeowner's insurance policy (and reduce your mortgage payment in many cases) is to invest in a home security system. Not only can a home security system allow you to sleep better at night, but it also can reduce your monthly expenses.

You'll find that most insurance carriers will reward you with discounted premiums on your homeowner's insurance policy when you're protecting your home with a monitored home security system. These discounts can vary depending on your choice of insurance carrier, but it's certainly a question that you should ask when shopping for homeowner's insurance.

The Value of Central Monitoring

If you want to be able to obtain the maximum discount on your homeowner's insurance policy, make sure to get a home security system that includes central monitoring rather than just an audible alarm. Some homeowners are under the impression that they're saving money on their insurance premiums from having  an audible home security system. While this may be true to some extent, the biggest savings come from having a centrally monitored home security system that notifies the police and fire department in the event of an incident.

How to Take Advantage of the Discounted Insurance Premiums

In order to take advantage of the discounted premiums, the insurance carrier will need to see a certificate from the home security provider to confirm that your home is being monitored. At J&J Security Services, we make this process very easy for our customers. Simply contact us and we can provide your insurance agent with a certificate to confirm that you have a monitored home security system through our company.

Aside from the discounted insurance premiums that a home security system can offer, having your home monitored by a professional and reputable security company can create a safer environment for your family. The security systems in homes today are more advanced and effective than ever before, helping to give homeowners the peace of mind that their loved ones are protected.

To learn more about the connection between home security systems and lower homeowner's insurance premiums, please contact us at J&J Security.