Avoid These 5 Business Security Mistakes


There is little room for error when it comes to business security. The integrity of your operations and the trust of your clients absolutely depends on it. That's why you should do your best to avoid these business security mistakes.

1. Not Testing Your Systems

Just like any technology, business security systems can malfunction. Every month or so you should perform a check on all of the major systems. Check the video feed on your cameras to make sure the image is clear. Log into any remote-control accounts to make sure those are working as intended. Check the system settings to make sure they haven't reset or been tampered with. Lastly, do a quick walk around at night to make sure your security lights are functioning properly. All of this can be done quickly and it will ensure you aren't left in a vulnerable position with a hamstrung security system.

2. Forgetting To "Deactivate" Employees

Practicing proper access control is one of the most important aspects of business security. That means tightly controlling who gets access to certain areas and information. Employers will often forget to deactivate emails, accounts, and keycards when an employee leaves or is terminated. We're not even talking about disgruntled employees sabotaging the business here, it could be a perfectly professional departure, but having loose ends in the form of abandoned emails or lost keycards is asking for trouble. To avoid this make sure you have a set procedure in place to maintain your access control when an employee leaves the business.

3. Cutting Costs By Cutting Corners

Technology is more widely available than ever. For many employers this appears an opportunity to cut costs. Why buy a security package when you could buy everything and set it up yourself? While this is an appealing thought, in practice it tends to backfire. A proper security system is more than a few cameras and some motion sensors. The do it yourself ethic is admirable in an entrepreneur but it's not always wise. If you want the best security for your business, you'll need to go the professional route.

4. Not Positioning Cameras Wisely

Modern security cameras are very high-resolution, but they still have their limitations. They obviously can't see through walls or around corners. That's why you still need to position these cameras wisely. Do you have a spacious parking lot, for example? Don't expect a camera positioned on your main building to make out the details of each and every car in it. Another example would be a large warehouse. You won't get a good view of everything that's happening with a single camera, no matter how high-resolution. What you need is multiple, strategically positioned cameras.

5. Not Having Clear And Defined Goals

What exactly do you need from your security system? Knowing this ahead of time will help you find the right system and keep everything within your budget. For example: a small, one building operation won't have the same requirements for access control as a large, sprawling campus. If you have a warehouse full of valuable goods, you're going to want many security cameras and alarms on every door and window. Having defined goals will help you achieve a more secure business while minimizing costs.

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