7 Ways To Beef Up Your Home Security This Spring


With great weather comes great responsibility. Here are a few simple tips to keep you and your family safe this spring.

1. Keep up on your lawn maintenance

Spring means things will start to grow again and an overgrown yard is a godsend for crafty intruders who prefer to remain unseen. Neglecting to mow your lawn or trim your bushes for a week may not seem like a huge deal but it's better to not allow for any extra hiding places around your home no matter how trivial it may seem.

2. Put tools away when you're done with them

Spring is a great time to do some home maintenance and fix those nagging issues. Make sure you always put your tools away, preferably locked up tight and completely out of sight, when you finish with them. Power tools fetch a great price at pawn shops and don't draw much attention so they are often a prime target for burglars.

3. Always close and lock your windows

With the great weather it's often tempting to leave a few windows open. That's fine during the day when you're home and active but you should never leave them open otherwise. Are you sitting at your desk working? It's okay to open a window near you but don't go around opening every window in the house. Someone could easily slip in while you're distracted. Running out to the store? It doesn't matter if you'll only be gone a minute, lock those windows!

4. Plan your vacations carefully

Spring is a great time for vacations but you should be careful how you go about it. Make sure you leave a car in the driveway to create the impression that someone is around and talk to your neighbors to ask them to check in occasionally. You should also refrain from advertising your vacation too much on social media. Really it's just an open invitation for a savvy burglar.

5. Check your outdoor lights

Outdoor lights can be an effective deterrent for burglars. Assuming they're working that is. Once it starts warming up designate a night to walk around your property and test your outdoor lighting. If you don't currently have outdoor lighting you should look into it. Just keep in mind that they can actually help burglars if improperly used.

6. Check your smoke detectors

Home security isn't just about securing yourself from other people. Smoke detectors can and do save lives but far too many people neglect theirs for years and just expect them to work perfectly when needed. Make sure you test yours regularly and replace the batteries when necessary. Also keep their age in mind. If your smoke alarms have been around for a decade or more it's time to replace them.

7. Install a new security system

This is an evergreen tip. When it comes to home security nothing can beat a monitored alarm system. Home security systems are more affordable than ever and most of them include alarm systems that are monitored by real people 24/7 to ensure your home is always secure. Simply advertising your home security system is often enough to scare off most burglars.

At J&J security we bring together the latest technology and the brightest minds in home security to make your home a safe and comfortable place to live. Please contact us today to read more home security tips and to check out some of our affordable home security plans.