5 Things Burglars Don’t Want You to Know:

Helping keep your home and family safe is important to us and we know it’s important to you. Here are some things burglars don’t want you to know, but WE DO!


1)      They love driving around neighborhoods on trash day to see who has boxes outside for new high ticket items at the end of their driveway. That huge flat screen television you got your husband for his birthday might not be around next week. Make sure you break down boxes and conceal them inside your trash bin. While you are at it, make sure newspapers aren’t piling up when you are away and that you have someone pull out your trash bin for you when you are gone to make it look like you are still in town.

2)      Landscaping serves a purpose other than just helping to have the prettiest house on the block. Burglars love houses that have overgrown shrubs near windows that are easy to hide in. Trim those bushes down and keep your home and family safe! No one wants a burglar hiding anywhere near their home.

3)      It’s very common to see large mirrors in the entry way of homes. Burglars love them, but aren’t looking to check their own reflection. Instead they might just be looking at the reflection of your alarm system. Is your alarm system able to be seen from the outside because of windows and mirrors? Moving that mirror might be just what you need to do. Make sure your alarm isn’t able to be seen from the outside so burglars aren’t aware of when your system is disarmed. 

4)      Not everyone is afraid of heights… in fact even though people assume otherwise burglars will go through second story windows to gain access to a home. Don’t just contact lower level windows and doors. Be sure to use sensors, glass break detectors and motions on all levels of your home. It’s quiet common for children’s bedrooms to be on the second floor and that’s the last place you want anyone gaining access to.

5)       Burglars have real jobs too… and they might just be working in your home. They can be fixing your broken air conditioning while also checking out what’s inside your home and even unlocking windows to gain access later. Always use companies that do background checks and never let someone into your home that you haven’t made an appointment with ahead of time.