5 Home Security Tips For a Safer Home This Fall


With the fall season rapidly approaching, your schedule is likely busy juggling sports schedules, carting kids to and from school, or maybe even taking a quick weekend trip out of town. However, despite how busy you are, it's important that you don't let home security slip through the cracks.

While people traditionally think of the summer months as being the height of when break-ins occur, the start of the fall season also presents a number of challenges in regards to home security. For example, the falling leaves, unpredictable weather, and shortened daylight hours this time of year can create some safety concerns.

On a positive note, we have 5 home security tips to help make your home a safer place to be this fall:

1. Check all entry points.

Do you have any trees located near windows? With fewer leaves on the trees during the fall season, tree branches can be easier for burglars to climb and gain access to your home. If it looks like a tree branch could give access to an upstairs window, consider having the limb removed.

Another relatively unusual entry point for a malicious character is through a vent or a doggy door. If your home includes either of these, double check to confirm that someone would not be able to gain access to your home through these entry points.

2. Bring the gardening tools in when not in use.

This gorgeous fall weather no doubt has you wanting to work in your yard. However, when you leave gardening tools such as a rake or a shovel out in your yard, this presents a home security risk. You need to consider that a burglar could use these tools to smash a window and enter you home.

3. Use lighting as a deterrent.

With less daylight during the fall and winter months, you'll want to be thinking about solutions to keep your home well-lit as lighting is a very effective deterrent for burglaries. With a smart lighting system such as Control4 Smart Lighting, you can control all of your home's lighting from the convenience of your smartphone. This type of lighting system even takes advantage of motion sensors that illuminate an area when movement is detected.

4. Make access to the backside of your home difficult to get into.

Most break-ins typically take place in an area of the home that can not be easily seen from the street. If your backyard is fenced-in, be sure to lock all gates of the fence with a secure lock. Trim back bushes and shrubbery that surround entry points on the backside of your home so that burglars don't have a place to hide out.

5. Have the post office hold your mail if you're headed out of town.

An overflowing mailbox screams to burglars that you're out of town. An easy solution to prevent this from happening is to contact the post office and have them hold your mail. You can easily do this in less than two minutes by visiting the USPS website and filling out the "hold mail service" form.

Of course, one of your best lines of defense against burglaries is to have a home security system installed. If you already have a home security system installed, be sure to check it regularly to confirm that it's working properly.

For more home security tips for the fall season, please contact us at J&J Security Services. We've been a leader in home security in Central Florida for more than 30 years and would be happy to address any of your concerns regarding home security.