5 Effective Ways to Tighten Apartment Security This Holiday Season

The holiday season is rapidly approaching, and you likely have plans to head out of town to see family and friends. While you may be focused on checking off your holiday shopping list, some attention also needs to be given to apartment security.

The most common threat to your apartment this holiday season is a burglary. While burglaries tend to peak during the summer months, they also trend upwards during the month of December. This is because these are prime times of the year that people are traveling, leaving their homes vacant. Also, a number of valuable items are purchased and received during the holiday season, and burglars want to capitalize on this.

While apartment security should be top of mind year-round, it's especially important that you take extra precautions during the holiday season. Here are 5 effective apartment security tips to minimize your risk of becoming a burglary victim:

1. Don't broadcast on social media that you'll be leaving town.

People love to share their travel plans on social media. However, you never really know who is looking at your posts, especially with the ever-changing privacy settings offered by social media platforms. Understanding that this can create a major apartment security risk for you, find more secure means of communicating your travel plans, such as through a phone call or text message to a verified contact.

2. Proceed with caution when selling items online.

With the help of social media and online sites such as Craig's List and OfferUp, you can now declutter your apartment before the holidays and make a little money by selling your used items online. However, this raises a number of security concerns. Specifically in regards to apartment security, never invite a stranger to come to your apartment to pick up an item. Instead, choose a public meeting spot, and ideally bring a friend along.

3. Always look through the peephole before answering the door.

The holiday season brings an influx of door-to-door salesmen, and not all of them have a clean agenda. An apartment security best practice is to always look through the peephole before answering the door. If you don't recognize the person, it's best not to answer the door. Also, having a TV on can help to communicate to the solicitor that someone is inside the apartment. This can help to deter a break-in.

4. Ensure that all windows and doors are secure.

Unlocked windows are some of the biggest threats to apartment security, especially if your apartment is located on the ground floor. Be sure that all possible entries into your apartment are secure. Also, take advantage of window treatments and blinds to help shield your apartment's contents from prying eyes.

5. Take advantage of home automation.

Home automation is one of your best strategies to strengthen apartment security. For example, being able to control lighting or your home's audio system from your mobile device can help to create the illusion that you're inside your apartment when you're actually out of town. You can also install security cameras to alert you of what is happening inside your apartment when you're not at home.

For additional apartment security tips for the holiday season, please contact us at J&J Security Services. We've been keeping families like yours safe for over 30 years, and we offer a wide variety of security solutions to give you peace of mind.