4 Crime Prevention Tips for Safeguarding Your Garage


When most people think about crime prevention and home security, they immediately think of the interior living space of their homes and the valuable possessions that occupy this space.

However, another critical aspect of your home where crime prevention should not be ignored is your garage. The garage typically contains some big ticket items that thrives would love to get their hands on, such as power tools, road bikes, and even your vehicles. Also, since many homeowners are more lax when it comes to securing their garages, this part of the home has become a popular entry point for burglars. 

With all of this being said, if you want to get serious about crime prevention, you need to strengthen your garage security. Here are 4 highly effective ways to accomplish this:

1. Keep your garage door closed, even when you're at home.

An open garage door is an invitation for someone to walk right in and take whatever they'd like, whether it be your new set of golf clubs or the kayak that you have hanging up.

Also, in addition to having an open garage door, many people have a false sense of security during the day and keep the door that goes between the garage and the interior of their homes unlocked. This can make it so easy for an intruder to walk right into your home. As a best practice, keep your garage door closed and always lock the door that goes between your garage and the entrance to your home. 

2. Strengthen your garage door.

It's been said that thieves can enter the typical garage door in just 6 seconds using a wire hanger. This is because the traditional garage door is not constructed to resist a tenacious thief. If it's been awhile since you've upgraded your garage door, you may want to think about switching to a modern door that is built to withstand the harsh weather that we can get in Central Florida and aid in crime prevention. The addition of an electronic keypad offers an another layer of security for crime prevention.

3. Secure your valuables.

If you own expensive bikes, consider using locks to keep them secure. Store power tools in a locked workbench. While these extra crime prevention steps may sound like a pain, they will save the day if a criminal ever does gain access to your garage.

Also, many homeowners store confidential information to be shredded in the garage in an effort to save space in the interior of their homes. The consequences could be devastating if a thief were to gain access to your bank account or credit cards. These highly sensitive documents are better stored securely in an office or in the attic. 

4. Take advantage of home automation.

It can be so easy to be rushing out the door in the morning and forget to close your garage door. Instead of leaving your garage door open all day for all eyes to see, home automation can aid in crime prevention and allow you to close your garage door remotely from your smartphone and even arm your security system. 

Today's burglars are more desperate and determined than ever. Take these crime prevention tips and best practices into account with your garage door to safeguard your home from malicious characters.