3 Ways to Ensure That Your Apartment Is Secure


When living in an apartment, your safety can rest not only on yourself but on other factors as well, such as your landlord, or whether your community is gated. These factors can oftentimes be out of your control, but there are ways in which you can take you and your family’s safety into your own hands. By taking action on the following guidelines about how to increase your apartment security, you can feel safe and secure in your own residence regardless of those external factors that are beyond your control.

1. Lock and fortify doors and windows

One of the first steps in maintaining the safety of you and your family is to make sure that all windows and doors are locked at all times. It’s important to remind your family to do this simple task as well, because if the entryways to your apartment are left unlocked, any other forms of apartment security you may implement would be rendered ineffective.

Additionally, strengthening your doors is a good way to increase your apartment’s security, as burglars often try forcibly breaking down doors in order to gain entry. Although there may be some limitations to what you are allowed to do to your door, it would be worth the effort to inquire upon your landlord about which fortification methods are permitted in your living community. A simple but effective way to strengthen the door to your apartment is to bump up its lock by installing a high-quality deadbolt.

This simple step can protect your front door from being kicked in. In order to strengthen your windows, look for reinforced glass, and if putting in this type of window pane is not permitted, consider tinting or treating the panes, or buying shutters or curtains that prevent any uninvited prying eyes from peering into your residence.

2. Get to know your neighbors

Your neighbors are an important aspect of apartment security, because living quarters are close within an apartment complex. Becoming familiar with those who live beside and around you is a good idea because your neighbors will be more likely to keep an eye out for any strange activity occurring in or around your area of residence. Creating a friendly environment in this way can improve the overall safety of your community and, as a result, your own apartment security.  

3. Install a security system tailored for your apartment

Although strengthening your home’s physical barriers and becoming friends with your neighbors can increase your apartment security, nothing deters a potential invader like a security system. Consider installing a security system in your apartment to give you and your family the utmost protection available today. To find out which security system would provide your apartment with the best security possible, contact us at J&J Security for professional advice.