3 Safety Tips For When Your Kids Are Home Alone


As a parent, the day that your children are ready to be left home alone can be a stressful one. It’s natural as a parent to worry for your children’s safety while they’re home alone without adult supervision, but there are some guidelines and safety tips you can follow to ease your mind and help you feel more comfortable with leaving your kids home by themselves.

Create a list of contact numbers

From asking about what to eat for lunch to not knowing what to do when that creepy guy knocks on the door, your child may need to pick up the phone and make a call for any number of reasons. By making a list of contacts including your own cell and work phone numbers as well as those of your neighbors, close family or friends, and emergency numbers such as 9-1-1 or animal control, you’ll provide your children with the ability to make a phone call in the event that something out of the ordinary occurs.

Once you’ve made the list of numbers for your children to reference, make sure to display it somewhere that is easily visible and accessible, such as well-secured on the fridge with a magnet. You’ll also want to make sure you have an in-depth conversation with your kids about when it’s appropriate to make a call to those numbers.

Designate a safe house

In the event that an emergency occurs and your kids need the help of a nearby adult or need to leave your home, designate a place where they can go to stay safe until the emergency situation is resolved. The best safe house option would be the home of a neighbor you’re familiar and friendly with, not only because of its close proximity to your own home, but also because you’ll know exactly who is taking care of your children and what to expect from them in an emergency. The family in the safe house should also have a list of emergency numbers so that they’ll know how to contact you should something happen.

Have a set emergency plan in place

Sometimes in life, unexpected things happen, and emergencies can occur at any time. In order to ease the stress you feel when leaving your kids home alone, have a plan for your kids to follow if an emergency situation takes place. Make sure that your children understand how to judge the gravity of each situation that may occur, so that they know how to differentiate between those situations in which it is appropriate to just make a phone call, and the times when it is best to evacuate the house.

It is important to sit your kids down and have a conversation about what to do when emergencies happen and how to follow the plan you’ve set in place, as well as to make sure they know how to use your home security system, and are familiar with the location of your designated safe house. This way, your children will be well-prepared to deal with any unexpected situations that could occur. 

If you have taken these safety measures to ensure your children’s safety while they’re home alone and still have reservations about their well-being, there are many ways that your home security system can add an extra layer of security to not only your home but also to your peace of mind. Contact J&J Security Services for the best advice on how to better keep your home and your children safe.