3 Key Ways Remote Access Security Systems Can Benefit Businesses


A harsh reality that every business owner needs to come to terms with is that theft is on the rise. This means that in order to protect your business from a devastating loss, it's in your best interest to make business security a top priority.

Considering that it's unrealistic to expect business owners to be onsite 24/7, there is now a great demand for remote access security systems. With a remote access security system, you can control your business security system from anywhere using a web-enabled device such as a smartphone. This literally allows you to have your eyes and ears everywhere around-the-clock without having to physically be at your place of business.

Here are several ways that remote access can allow you to strengthen business security and safeguard your assets:

1. Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is one of the most effective ways that you can monitor your business in real-time and promptly address issues as needed. If you can't be onsite at your business 24/7, video surveillance can allow you to still stay connected to your business.

Here are some ways that video surveillance as a remote access tool can be used to enhance business security:

  • Keep an eye on employees. Sadly, internal theft is a major business security risk that today's companies face. Security cameras can help to discourage this as well as keep track of employees' activities.

  • Monitor POS terminals and stockrooms. There are areas where identify theft (another key area for business security) and employee theft tend to be more common.

  • Record clips of the comings and goings of customers and employees. This can help to identify intruders as well as ensure that employees are arriving on time for their shifts.

2. Energy Management

While remote access can help business owners to use less energy (ultimately saving money on utility bills), the ability of being able to control lighting remotely can be very powerful in regards to business security.

Lighting is one of the greatest deterrents that businesses can use to protect themselves from burglaries. The right business security company can help you to install motion censored lighting in addition to enabling you to control lighting remotely from your smartphone. You can also prevent your employees from arriving to a dark office in the morning by using remote access to create a schedule for the office to be well-lit prior to their arrival.

3. Monitored Alarm System

Business security can be strengthened when monitored alarm systems are integrated with remote access. When this happens, businesses can be notified on their mobile devices if any threats are detected, such as an intrusion or a fire. Business owners can also arm and disarm the alarm system remotely as well as lock or unlock doors using their mobile devices.

As you can see, remote access can allow you to take your business security strategy to the next level and enable you to stay connected with your business, even when you're away. Please contact us to learn more about how a remote access security system can benefit your business.